The Cocktail Parlor

pic In the company of gentle sirs and ladies, we invite you to enjoy the height of refined living. A bewitching affair like no other; velvet curtains capture the musk of cigarettes and ladies perfume. The grand piano sings melodies for lovers, while a poet captures the occasion with notable prose. Within the parlour walls, amongst the works of Hugo and Poe, lies a periodical filled with the intoxicating tales of the liquors on offer. Each distinguished not only by their constitution, but by their origins, the very essence that sparked their namesake. A tale is told through each ingredient, conceived and composed to elicit gusto with each flavour. This story stretches across eras from industrial to deco, a mise-en-scane unlike any another. Beyond the clamour of charades and drunken jest, is a parlor filled with lore for our ages.

For Reservations: 416 367 5151

The Cocktail Parlor Hours:

Closed Until Further Notice

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